October 30

Happy Birthday to me!

Yes, it happened, I managed to survive another year.
Not much to say here, I’m having a rager at homer with my cat, it will be quite wild. Maybe we will even drink a beer and watch the all time classic: Wizards (1977) and go to bed early to be well rested when this day finally passes.

-greetings Jenkins

September 16

long time no see

If someone would have told me ~2 years ago that we would still be in this situation I would have thought he had a long night and is still a bit fazed… So nothings changed, fishtank project is going slow, need to fix the livestream camera first. I hope I can find some motivation during the next weeks. At least the bars are open….

-greetings Jenkins

April 14

I made another bet

Not to sound Covid-19 negative but I made another bet.
I bet that we wont have open bars in May.
I offered something precious of mine and hope that I will win.
Really I hope I loose and can drown my sadness over this loss at a counter with a beer in my hand.
Also our minister of health gave up we have a new one.

-greetings Jenkins

March 30

Happy 1 Year anniversary!!!

I remember being in lockdown during easter one year ago.
A year went by, nothing changed, some people got their nov available vaccinations.
Thats all – we got some new mutations of the virus, apparently young people are in the hospital now.
huh – thats scary – if this trend continues we might get to more than 390 unforuntately now dead people under 65….

l miss my bar I miss a drink with my friends outside

-greetings Jenkins

March 10

Never ending story

It’s the second week of March, and our messiah has ruled:
the bars stay closed. This is the perfect time to open a bar!
I don’t know what to say think or write anymore.
I am thirsty, these local gatherings huddled up in someones living room just don’t feel the same.
I miss being alone with all my people hanging at the counter …

-greetings Jenkins

January 18

start 2021 with a drink

If you dear reader >of this shitty excuse of a blog< like me prefer to sit in a bar you’re out of luck. Our government just prolonged the lockdown of all gastronomy / entertainment to the end of February. All hail our emperor Kurz. I am sad, and thirsty. And I want to see my people again, hanging around at the watering hole.

-greetings Jenkins

January 4

Happy 2021! – not

As predicted nothing changed.
The official statement is now: Bars open on 25.01.21.
I am not convinced but hope dies last or something like that.
New Years is still the same: just a new date nothing else.
Keep your heads up, we will drink again someday. <– I believe that

-greetings Jenkins

December 24

Merry Christmas!

For some its a blessing for some its mayhem.
Lockdown is still ongoing – we are allowed to see 10 people on 24.12 and on new years eve.
Bars are still closed…
There is no hope, this Corona bullshit will haunt us forever.

-greetings Jenkins