“make my computer faster”

And please with fancy functions, and much whooosh so Youtube loads super fast and I don’t have to wait all the time for this stupid 8 year old laptop with a 1,3Ghz i3 or Core2Duo with a whopping 1,5Ghz….

God forbid you tell the client they are running a shitbox with ultra low specs, max 2GB of RAM from an HDD that spins with 5400rpm and craps itself every time someone starts Firefox and Thunderbird simultaneously.

So you all remember: Just download more RAM and if that does not help just “OVERCLOCK” the CPU, its that easy… they do it all the time on TV! My cousin just did it to his PC and it works!!!1 Why is a drivers license mandatory but every mouth breathing idiot is allowed to own a computer?

–greetings Jenkins

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