November 30

jingle bells….

The first day of advent was on Sunday. And we are still without open bars or open shops (besides groceries and that stuff). Lets make a bet: I believe we wont see open bars till next year. Anyone willing to bet against me message me.

*edit on 03.12.20

I won the bet…

-greetings Jenkins

October 14

fall update

Nothing new, corona still hitting hard. Pubs and Bars are shit due to the actions taken by the government. Projects are on hold. Not the best news but still news. Anyone has a spare fishtank in Vienna? –> write me a message! Besides that – lets hope this shit is over soon.

-greetings Jenkins

February 11

Hi Folks!

So this is my first post / my first blog.
What will you see here?
Random stuff, random projects sometimes personal thoughts, whatever will come to mind. So if you found this page come back from time to time and see if theres an update.

-greetings Jenkins