October 30

Happy Birthday to me!

Yes, it happened, I managed to survive another year.
Not much to say here, I’m having a rager at homer with my cat, it will be quite wild. Maybe we will even drink a beer and watch the all time classic: Wizards (1977) and go to bed early to be well rested when this day finally passes.

-greetings Jenkins

September 16

long time no see

If someone would have told me ~2 years ago that we would still be in this situation I would have thought he had a long night and is still a bit fazed… So nothings changed, fishtank project is going slow, need to fix the livestream camera first. I hope I can find some motivation during the next weeks. At least the bars are open….

-greetings Jenkins

April 14

I made another bet

Not to sound Covid-19 negative but I made another bet.
I bet that we wont have open bars in May.
I offered something precious of mine and hope that I will win.
Really I hope I loose and can drown my sadness over this loss at a counter with a beer in my hand.
Also our minister of health gave up we have a new one.

-greetings Jenkins

March 30

Happy 1 Year anniversary!!!

I remember being in lockdown during easter one year ago.
A year went by, nothing changed, some people got their nov available vaccinations.
Thats all – we got some new mutations of the virus, apparently young people are in the hospital now.
huh – thats scary – if this trend continues we might get to more than 390 unforuntately now dead people under 65….

l miss my bar I miss a drink with my friends outside

-greetings Jenkins

March 10

Never ending story

It’s the second week of March, and our messiah has ruled:
the bars stay closed. This is the perfect time to open a bar!
I don’t know what to say think or write anymore.
I am thirsty, these local gatherings huddled up in someones living room just don’t feel the same.
I miss being alone with all my people hanging at the counter …

-greetings Jenkins

January 18

start 2021 with a drink

If you dear reader >of this shitty excuse of a blog< like me prefer to sit in a bar you’re out of luck. Our government just prolonged the lockdown of all gastronomy / entertainment to the end of February. All hail our emperor Kurz. I am sad, and thirsty. And I want to see my people again, hanging around at the watering hole.

-greetings Jenkins

January 4

Happy 2021! – not

As predicted nothing changed.
The official statement is now: Bars open on 25.01.21.
I am not convinced but hope dies last or something like that.
New Years is still the same: just a new date nothing else.
Keep your heads up, we will drink again someday. <– I believe that

-greetings Jenkins

December 24

Merry Christmas!

For some its a blessing for some its mayhem.
Lockdown is still ongoing – we are allowed to see 10 people on 24.12 and on new years eve.
Bars are still closed…
There is no hope, this Corona bullshit will haunt us forever.

-greetings Jenkins

November 30

jingle bells….

The first day of advent was on Sunday. And we are still without open bars or open shops (besides groceries and that stuff). Lets make a bet: I believe we wont see open bars till next year. Anyone willing to bet against me message me.

*edit on 03.12.20

I won the bet…

-greetings Jenkins