March 30

Happy 1 Year anniversary!!!

I remember being in lockdown during easter one year ago.
A year went by, nothing changed, some people got their nov available vaccinations.
Thats all – we got some new mutations of the virus, apparently young people are in the hospital now.
huh – thats scary – if this trend continues we might get to more than 390 unforuntately now dead people under 65….

l miss my bar I miss a drink with my friends outside

-greetings Jenkins

March 10

Never ending story

It’s the second week of March, and our messiah has ruled:
the bars stay closed. This is the perfect time to open a bar!
I don’t know what to say think or write anymore.
I am thirsty, these local gatherings huddled up in someones living room just don’t feel the same.
I miss being alone with all my people hanging at the counter …

-greetings Jenkins