April 1

Over the hills and far away….

Don’t drink with your classmates – ever –
I am writing this text with a severe headache and lack of proper grammar,
fortunately god gave us auto correct.
And potent painkillers.
If your read this you know who I mean you know what you did,
I will hate you for the next 8 hours.
So kids remember: stay sober (Mo-Fr 08:00-17:00), stay in school, do drugs!

-greetings Jenkins

March 30

live from the classroom

Coding class is going as slow as traffic on friday evening.
It’s C if you are curious. No I am not good at it, no I don’t want to become a coder.
Yes it’s mandatory – happy learning everyone! :3

-greetings Jenkins

March 3

Back to shcool <-- yes intentionally

I really did it. I enrolled in an evening school. The next three years will be fun. Well not so much for me but lets see. At the moment I LOVE math. At least I don’t struggle with the other subjects.
Stay in School Kids! It’s really annoying to redo all this stuff later….

-greetings Jenkins

February 1

Another year another post

So its been a while. No news, no updates, still corona, bars close @22:00.
We just have to survive until April then we will be free!
Also I am starting school again in February so there will be even less time to develop this page….

-greetings Jenkins

October 30

Happy Birthday to me!

Yes, it happened, I managed to survive another year.
Not much to say here, I’m having a rager at homer with my cat, it will be quite wild. Maybe we will even drink a beer and watch the all time classic: Wizards (1977) and go to bed early to be well rested when this day finally passes.

-greetings Jenkins

September 16

long time no see

If someone would have told me ~2 years ago that we would still be in this situation I would have thought he had a long night and is still a bit fazed… So nothings changed, fishtank project is going slow, need to fix the livestream camera first. I hope I can find some motivation during the next weeks. At least the bars are open….

-greetings Jenkins