September 22

the show must go on

This is a live update from the classroom – after 2,5 beers in the pub nearby.
Not the best idea but it works…
“TINF” “Technische Informatik” is boring as hell – but it has to be done, hope i can weasel my way out of network technology.

–greetings Jenkins

June 17

“make my computer faster”

And please with fancy functions, and much whooosh so Youtube loads super fast and I don’t have to wait all the time for this stupid 8 year old laptop with a 1,3Ghz i3 or Core2Duo with a whopping 1,5Ghz….

God forbid you tell the client they are running a shitbox with ultra low specs, max 2GB of RAM from an HDD that spins with 5400rpm and craps itself every time someone starts Firefox and Thunderbird simultaneously.

So you all remember: Just download more RAM and if that does not help just “OVERCLOCK” the CPU, its that easy… they do it all the time on TV! My cousin just did it to his PC and it works!!!1 Why is a drivers license mandatory but every mouth breathing idiot is allowed to own a computer?

–greetings Jenkins

April 1

Over the hills and far away….

Don’t drink with your classmates – ever –
I am writing this text with a severe headache and lack of proper grammar,
fortunately god gave us auto correct.
And potent painkillers.
If your read this you know who I mean you know what you did,
I will hate you for the next 8 hours.
So kids remember: stay sober (Mo-Fr 08:00-17:00), stay in school, do drugs!

-greetings Jenkins

March 30

live from the classroom

Coding class is going as slow as traffic on friday evening.
It’s C if you are curious. No I am not good at it, no I don’t want to become a coder.
Yes it’s mandatory – happy learning everyone! :3

-greetings Jenkins

March 3

Back to shcool <-- yes intentionally

I really did it. I enrolled in an evening school. The next three years will be fun. Well not so much for me but lets see. At the moment I LOVE math. At least I don’t struggle with the other subjects.
Stay in School Kids! It’s really annoying to redo all this stuff later….

-greetings Jenkins

February 1

Another year another post

So its been a while. No news, no updates, still corona, bars close @22:00.
We just have to survive until April then we will be free!
Also I am starting school again in February so there will be even less time to develop this page….

-greetings Jenkins

October 30

Happy Birthday to me!

Yes, it happened, I managed to survive another year.
Not much to say here, I’m having a rager at homer with my cat, it will be quite wild. Maybe we will even drink a beer and watch the all time classic: Wizards (1977) and go to bed early to be well rested when this day finally passes.

-greetings Jenkins

September 16

long time no see

If someone would have told me ~2 years ago that we would still be in this situation I would have thought he had a long night and is still a bit fazed… So nothings changed, fishtank project is going slow, need to fix the livestream camera first. I hope I can find some motivation during the next weeks. At least the bars are open….

-greetings Jenkins